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With over 30 years of experience, Intres XP is determined to give you the best night’s sleep of your life. Whether you’re in search of a mattress to fully support your body or you want to design a luxurious bedroom, Intres has got you covered!

We have everything from unique and revolutionary gel mattresses to ergonomic memory foam mattresses! Our boxsprings not only look good, they are made from top quality durable materials and offer the best support for your mattress.

Intres XP wants to make your life more comfortable by making your nights and evenings the best moments of your day. We’re the official distributor of the high quality brands Technogel® Sleeping, Sleepy®, Sanamed®, SwissSleep® and Sofi.


Technogel mattresses are designed to give you up to 45% more deep sleep. That’s a scientific fact! The thick layer of revolutionary body conforming and cooling Technogel helps you fall asleep faster and enjoy more deep sleep.

  • Unsurpassed comfort & personalized 3D support
  • Comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Up to 45% more deep sleep & 33% faster asleep

The energy of sleep

Comfort with a twist. That’s the Sleepy Original mattress. This unique one-fits-all design features two supports in one mattress. It allows you to choose to sleep soft or a bit firmer. The only thing you have to do, is turn your mattress around. It’s simple with a twist!

Hotel comfort in your home

Choose the technology and craftsmanship of Serta box springs and mattresses! A handmade product manufactured with carefully selected materials. Quality, comfort and durability are key. The sublime finish makes the products one of a kind.

Serta’s design is stylish, innovative and timeless; the sleeping experience is an extraordinary one.

As the number one choice in box springs and mattresses for many luxury hotel chains around the world, Serta also offers exclusive hotel comfort in your home environment.

Ultimate comfort & support perfectly balanced

Sanamed is 100% committed to quality. Years of experience and continuous research and development have resulted in a collection of innovative and sustainable mattresses and pillows. Triple quality control ensures you will always experience optimal support, ergonomics and lying comfort.

Sublime sleeping comfort for every type of sleeper

SwissSleep stands for sublime sleeping comfort for every type of sleeper. Our extensive range of quality box spring beds, made from durable materials and ergonomic and carefully constructed durable mattresses is a match for everyone.

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